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We are specialist DevOps Consultants with experience operating across many business sectors including healthcare, government, manufacturing and commercial.

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GSL Cloud Fitters Service

Our consultants specialise in guiding organisations through Cloud First digital transformation programmes, helping clients to adopt 'DevOps Culture' by embracing Agile Development tools and practices.

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Cloud Architecture

Our consultants can help you design your cloud architecture.

Infrastructure as Code

We build Infrastructure As Code (IAC) using popular industry standard open-source tools.

Configuration Management

We leverage Configuration Management (CM) tools so your builds are rapid, consistent and repeatable.

Container Solutions

Our consultants help get your applications running in containers using popular container orchestration tools such as Kubernetes or OpenShift.


Helping you implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery using popular CI Tools and industry standard workflows.


We offer coaching and training in DevOps technologies to help get your staff up to speed.


We have extensive experience of large-scale data centre migrations to/from physical/virtual/cloud.


We can work with you to provide leadership of your in-house DevOps initiatives.

Our clients have included...

Configuration Management using Python & Puppet for
Puppet remediation across existing AWS estate for
Continuous Delivery using GitLab-CI, Terraform and Ansible on behalf of IndigoBlue Consulting for the
NHS Business Services Authority
Helped build a scalable payments platform in AWS using Jenkins, Terraform, Ansible and Chef on behalf of Kainos Consulting for
Container Orchestration using OpenShift on AWS on behalf of M4 Managed Services for
Innovate UK
AWS Cloud Infrastructure on behalf of Worth Internet Systems for
Costa Express

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